EQUALdotBRACKET =.] Artist / Creative Director

At 18 All my plans were instantly changed. I was Diagnosed with a Ruptured Disc in L5-S1, it progressed worse and worse over the years. Too young for Surgery, my leg & toes started to become paralyzed and had so much pain while standing up all I could do is lay in bed.

Like most people they suffer an injury they become reliant on narcotics. I was no different. After many years of pain & discomfort I needed those drugs. I wanted those drugs. I just wanted to go pain free for even a few minutes. Eventually I hated myself because of it. I was slipping in and out of depression, envy, anger, & restlessness. I needed to find something to find myself again. I was painting. I have been painting since a very young age but never like this.

I never thought about being an artist as a career but when I started something just felt right. Now I want the world to recognize my smile. With a twist to the Original 1971 Smiley face, EQUALdotBRACKET =.] can be typed in any keyboard and shared instantly in any message. So if you’re feeling down or see someone feeling down, Smile More.

Smile More – A new symbol recognized by all. Smiles are a Universal sign of Happiness and Joy. They are FREE, Free to share, Free to keep, Free to use when ever and where ever. It physically makes you feel better and even tricks your mind into being more happy. Start Smiling MORE!


=.] is a smiley face with a mole.

Why Smiles?

  • Smiling Helps You Stay Positive
  • Relieves Stress
  • Elevates Our Mood
  • Boosts Your Immune System
  • Lower Blood pressure
  • They Contagious 
  • Best part is Everyone Understands A Smile, No Matter What Language.